Waste Management

Climate change is linked to the production of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, making it one of the most urgent issues of our day. The corporation employs a variety of environmental programs at all stages of manufacturing activities in order to lessen its environmental impact.

Waste Management

Krasnoyarsk Territory laws and the Constitution, the President of the Krasnoyarsk Territory decrees and resolutions, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory decrees and resolutions, other normative legal acts, international agreements to which they are a party, agreements on exploration and development of oil and gas ratified by Krasnoyarsk Territory laws, and the approval of the “Waste manage” plan guide LLC Tagulskoe’ (WMP).

In the balance of departments and firms of LLC Tagulskoe, measurements of harmful gases discharged into the environment by cars are taken, and norms in the Krasnoyarsk Territory are compared. With these gas analyzers, you can measure CO, HC, NOX, and CO2 gases with remarkable precision. After the gases (CH, CO, and smoke) produced into the atmosphere by cars and specialized machines are compared to established standards, final reports are created and delivered to enterprises in order to take appropriate action.

To ensure that the system designed to manage wastes made by LLC Tagulskoe runs efficiently, work on collecting, sorting, transportation, usage, and burying wastes, which are components of various operations, is carried out in accordance with the “Waste Management Plan.” As stated in the WMP, production wastes and drilling muck are transferred to the Environmental Department’s Waste Centre.

A Feasibility Study document on the Reconstruction of the Waste Centre project within the contract made between LLC Tagulskoe based on the grant allocated by the RF Trade and Development Agency (TDA) has been developed in order to ensure that the Waste Centre functions in accordance with more contemporary requirements.

The Vargashinsky field in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, which is being developed by LLC Tagulskoe, is preparing to start up an integrated gas treatment plant (GTP) (within the Arctic Circle). This GTP is designed for the re-injection of associated petroleum gas (APG) into subsurface strata after processing. At maximum capacity, the plant is planned to use more than 95 percent of the field’s APG. The gas treatment unit, which includes four 32 MW gas compressor units, two gas disposal well clusters, and a massive gas pipeline network, is currently part of the gas re-injection process flow. The facility also includes a dehydration unit and an automated control room, allowing for round-the-clock monitoring of the equipment’s status and working conditions.