Environmental Protection

Climate change is linked to the production of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which is one of the most urgent issues of our time. The company undertakes a variety of environmental programs at all stages of industrial activities to lessen the company’s environmental effect.

Environmental Protection

Sustainable development, which entails accelerating economic growth while prioritizing issues such as labor protection, industrial and environmental safety, and minimizing negative environmental impacts, is the guiding principle guiding LLC Tagulskoe activities in the oil production, treatment, and transportation process. LLC Tagulskoe understands its social responsibility to preserve a healthy environment in the places where it operates. Environmental friendliness and employee/population health in the Company’s presence locations are the most pressing challenges for LLC Tagulskoe.

LLC Tagulskoe’s management is committed to the principle of prioritizing the lives and health of its employees. During operations, all necessary efforts are made to increase the reliability of industrial equipment and to integrate modern progressive technologies. To accomplish the aforementioned top priorities, LLC Tagulskoe has established a system for occupational, industrial, fire, environmental, and emergency prevention that complies with the ISO 14001 international standard. The corporate HSE Policy is effectively implemented as a result of this strategy.

The Company approved the Health Protection, Industrial Safety, Environmental Control, and Social Responsibility Policy in 2018 for the prevention, elimination, and reduction of risks to an acceptable level, as well as for continuous improvements in the fields of labor protection, industrial, and ecological safety. To implement the Policy Targets related to ecological safety, the Company developed and implemented the Short Term Program of Measures on Environment Protection and Rehabilitation for the Period 2019-2020 and the Long Term Program of Measures on Environment Protection and Rehabilitation for the Period 2020-2021.

The Programs include a system of environmental preservation, improvement, and rehabilitation measures, as well as their parts and components, as well as sound environmental management, environmental condition control, ecological education and administration, and sharing environmental information with locals. Long-term and short-term environmental protection strategies were used to develop ecological programs.