Environment Management

The environmental management strategy of LLC Tagulskoe is based on a thorough assessment of the company’s possible environmental impact. When making management and investment decisions, it is necessary to assess the amount of influence of production operations.

Environment Management

The environmental management system of LLC Tagulskoe has been certified to meet the ISO 14001: 2015 international standard. A risk-based approach is integrated into all business processes to safeguard the Company’s environmental safety. LLC Tagulskoe is responsible for continual environmental monitoring and industrial environmental control. At all stages of the process, the quantity of environmental impact of production activities is assessed, and it is essential when making management and investment decisions.

LLC Tagulskoe conducts a comprehensive assessment of the environmental impact of planned and ongoing production operations, taking into account all aspects of the influence on ecosystems as well as the unique characteristics of these systems. The best available technologies are introduced at all stages of the project based on the evaluation results, with the goal of reducing the negative impact.

LLC Tagulskoe is actively involved in the improvement of environmental regulations. Almost the whole spectrum of draft laws in this field is actively discussed by the company’s specialists. When developing new projects, the corporation holds public hearings as part of the State Environmental Expertise, during which it informs interested parties about the potential environmental impact of the planned activity and offers access to documentation.

The corporation contributes to international and national environmental projects. LLC Tagulskoe and WWF Russia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a discussion with stakeholders on environmental issues. In addition, the company joined the Scientific and Technical Council of Rosprirodnadzor, which serves as a forum for discussing the most critical issues linked to ensuring the environmental safety of oil and gas facilities.

When planning projects, the corporation performs public meetings during which all stakeholders are informed of potential environmental implications and provided access to documentation. Scientific and research institutions are involved in the development of new nature conservation programs and the introduction of new environmentally friendly technology (“eco-technologies”). In collaboration with the A.N. Severity Institute of Ecology and Evolution, programs aimed at preserving biological variety are being created (RAS).