• Efficient and balanced supply

    LLC Tagulskoe strategic goal is to strengthen its leading position among global energy companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring energy security and sustainable development, improving operating efficiency and fulfilling its scientific and technical potential.
  • LLC Tagulskoe is one of the largest producers and exporters

    LLC Tagulskoe is a reliable supplier of gas to Russian and foreign consumers. The Company owns the world’s largest gas transmission system, the total length of which within the boundaries of Russia reaches 175.2 thousand kilometers.
  • We form a new joint venture.

    LLC Tagulskoe is intent on expanding its petrochemical production, enhancing the extraction of valuable components from natural gas, and boosting the output of advanced processing products.

LLC Tagulskoe is the technological leader in the Russian oil and gas business.

We produce high-quality fuels, oils, and bitumen for commercial and retail clients, refuel flights, and construct a network of filling stations. Thanks to emerging technologies, we can continue to improve operating efficiency while minimizing our environmental effect.

Our Services

Oil Refining

Every step of the secondary oil refining process involves the employment of catalysts. Tagulskoe LLC is the only oil company in the CIS that manufactures catalytic cracking catalysts in-house.

Oil Production

Strengthening and expanding the Company's resource base is one of the company's strategic aims. The solid resource foundation ensures that production activities are not disrupted.

Exploration Activities

Finding new oil reservoirs, even with traditional means, is a challenging and expensive task. Exploration and error costs soar while working in unexplored, difficult-to-reach places.

Offshore Services

LLC Tagulskoe's offshore projects are a strategic area of business. LLC Tagulskoe also contributes to the development of the Russian shelf.

Gas Production

LLC Tagulskoe places a premium on its gas production and transportation operations, as well as the expansion of its processing volume.


LLC Tagulskoe sells crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products on both domestic and international markets, ensuring that flows are distributed.

Sustainable Development

LLC Tagulskoe’s major production assets are in the Far North, a harsh Arctic region with the richest mineral reserves and a delicate, easily vulnerable environment. The Company places a high priority on environmental protection in all of its operations.